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To Parents and Catechists: This experience uses prayerful drama to help children celebrate Jesus' love and care for us. Have props available for the drama.

We Pray to Jesus, Our Good Shepherd

Listen to God's Word
We are God's people. We are God's flock.
From Psalm 100:3

A Prayerful Drama

Narrator: Jesus told us the following story.
Sheep: (Move as if grazing on hillside.)
Hired Hand: "I don't own these sheep. I don't care what happens to them."
Wolf: (Very sneakily, approach the sheep.)
Sheep: (Move as if frightened, huddling near hired hand.)
Hired Hand: "Oh no! Is that a wolf I see? I'm not staying here. If I worry about these sheep, I won't be able to escape."
Wolf: (Move mouth as if to snatch one of the sheep.)
Sheep: (Run in every direction.)
Narrator: Suddenly the sheep stop and hear someone call to them. Jesus tells the sheep, "Don't worry. I will save you."

Listen to God's Word
Jesus says, "I am the good shepherd. I know my sheep and they know me. I am willing to die for them. They will listen to my voice, and they will become one flock with one shepherd."
From John 10:14-16

My Prayer Goes On
Jesus, my Good Shepherd, You guide me along right paths, as you have promised. I will not be afraid, for you are with me. You protect me with your shepherd's rod and staff.
From Psalm 23:1, 3-5


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